Kolkata is gradually becoming a fashion hub. Hundreds of fashion shows are hosted each year. The modern generation of Kolkatans has grown a fashion quotient of their own, which is both interesting and eye-catching.  Not just women, even men also have become stylish and are flaunting ethnics, western dresses, indo-western costumes, as well as contrasts with élan. With so much importance to fashion and staying in it, there is one trend that has spread quietly in the city and has got a good grab on the fashionable generation of the city – renting dresses.

These days, almost every second bride is renting a bridal lehenga in Kolkata. Every reputed rental store in the city has a website where it mentions the details of each lehenga on rent with price. The rental period is also mentioned alongside for the convenience of the customers. Not just lehengas, the brides of Bengal are renting sarees, dresses, as well as anarkalis too. Thus, not many seem to willing to spend exorbitantly for buying wedding dresses which they are just going to keep inside the closet forever once the wedding is over.

Brides are renting designer dresses within a small budget

With inflation at an all time high and economic conditions of the middle and lower middle-class people in the city becoming a bit unstable, economical wedding solutions are welcome more than ever! But still, weddings in the city today are million dollar affairs, no doubt!

You must be looking for ways to reduce the wedding expenses as much as possible without compromising on the customs and the grandeur of it. The designer wedding attire consumes almost a half of the total wedding budget. So, to reduce the overall cost of the whole event, it is always a feasible option to rent wedding dresses. Taking wedding dresses on rent has a lot of advantages in addition to being pocket-friendly. And, the brides and grooms of the city are choosing to rent their wedding dresses. So, you should give it a try as well!

An original Sabyasachi lehenga on rent, custom-fitted to appropriate measurements would cost even less than half the price of purchasing an original designer lehenga. Thus, there are many young brides and their families who are planning to rent original designer collections rather than settling for budget lehengas from a local apparel store.

Hassles that can be avoided by renting the wedding attire

The hassles of buying a lehenga are many. One needs to store the lehenga for a long period of time in the closet, which is going to take-up a huge amount of space. Also, such expensive dresses require regular maintenance. A bride is not going to wear that dress ever. But if she is planning to store it as just a memory or pass it on as an heirloom, it needs maintenance. Regular dry cleaning and other maintenance are something that today’s busy generation is avoiding at all cost!

Often the lehengas bought months before the wedding become misfit with brides gaining or losing a few kilos to the wedding date. However, a rental store will send experts just a few days prior to the wedding to take measurements. Thus, a bride will get to wear custom-fitted dress which will make her confident.

Men can rent too!

The wedding dress rental stores in the city are not women exclusive. Men can choose their designer sherwanis and tuxedos from such a store, and many young guys are actually doing that these days! In fact, such a rental store also stocks casual blazers for rent too! Not just for the wedding, but they can choose attire for pre-wedding and post-wedding photographs too.

One of the well-known stores for wedding dresses rental is Flyrobe. The store lets its customers rent dresses online. Thus, when a to-be-bride is too busy, it is at least convenient for her to choose her bridal lehenga. Share this post so that all young people who are planning to get married soon know the benefits of taking a dress for rent.

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