The engagement day is a big occasion for both the bride and the groom- and of course, both seem to ponder over what to wear on this special day. Mostly, men play it safe and go for a traditional suit or a sherwani, but there is so much more you could add to your outfit to create an attractive ensemble.

Engagement parties are the perfect place for you to make an impression on the guests who arrive- and for that, you will have to think out of the box. Add some print to your jodhpuri, or maybe throw in a brooch in place of a pocket square.

With proper research and a bit of effort, you’ll definitely end up looking like a vision on your special day!

1) A Bandhgala never goes out of style

There is no way you could go wrong with a good bandhgala. In fact, it is one of the most popular sherwani designs out there. Choose a charcoal black bandhgala with grey and black motifs on the center, and wear it with a red or maroon pocket square. This sherwani pattern is sure to remain in style for a long time.

2) Go the traditional way with a timeless kurta-pajama

This has been the uniform engagement outfit for the groom across centuries. And why not? It does make the groom look both traditional and classically handsome. To look dapper in the old kurta pajama, pair a beige kurta with white pajama and a dark brown high-neck jacket. Or, you could ditch the waistcoat and opt for a kurta embroidered with the latest sherwani designs.

3) You cannot go wrong with a simple Pathani suit

A pathani suit is tailored in accordance with your measurements, and the straight cut and fit of the outfit is meant to flatter your physique. The important thing to keep in mind would be to choose a suit that is of a comfortable material- since engagement parties can go on for a long time, as well as choose a color that compliments your complexion. Usually, navy blue, beige and maroon are good color choices for Pathani suits.

4) A beige or silver sherwani paired with bold colors

Save the red and gold mens designer wedding sherwani combinations for your wedding day and experiment with different colors for your engagement outfit. Combine a beige or silver sherwani base with a statement blue, pink, turquoise or yellow shade. To do that, wear a beige sherwani with a blue waistcoat, or a silver sherwani with metallic prints and a maroon pocket square. To make the combination even more striking, try to match the statement part of your outfit with the bride’s color of choice.

5) Mix and match with an Indo-Western sherwani style

If you haven’t heard of Indo-western sherwanis yet, they are basically full-length sherwanis that have a are cut like a suit. They look incredibly fashionable and are a great choice for an engagement outfit. You could pair this sherwani with jodhpuri pants, or even wear it with velvet dhoti pants- they will create a perfect style match.

6) Wear a colored suit for a bit of variety

You might want to stick to wearing a suit on your wedding day, but that does not mean you will have to wear the same old white and black combination. Choose burgundy or marsala colored variant, and pair the red wine colors with a silk tie and some brown leather shoes. The color of the suit itself would do most of the stylistic work for you.

7) Say it all with some splendid jodhpuris

There is no way that you could have overlooked the jodhpuri trend for men, mainly because of how gorgeous and regal they are. Get yourself a warm-toned jodhpuri dress with a red pocket square to look like a sight for sore eyes. Don’t forget to pair the ensemble with embroidered Nagra shoes for the perfectly tailored royal look.

8) Add some ethnicity to the mix with the achkan

If you are tired of the same old sherwani designs, you should definitely take a look at the achkan- a beautiful Indo-Persian combination that stands out as an exquisite example of wedding ensembles. The achkan comprises a long coat that is a cross between the Persian chapkan and a British slim-fit overcoat. Wear a red and golden achkan with a styled dupatta for the perfect royal look.

9) Please the style gods with a beautiful angrakha

Let’s face it, you cannot go wrong with an outfit meant for kings. The Rajasthani and Mughlai angrakha has an antique Indian cut that makes it the perfect choice for a traditional engagement gathering. The angrakha looks absolutely fabulous no matter what shade you pick, and is the best sherwani for groom styles in the market.

10) Take tradition seriously with the perfect dhoti-kurta combination

A lot of men avoided wearing dhotis for the longest time for fears that it might come undone, but we have left those days far behind. Pre-stitched dhotis are all the rage now, allowing you to flaunt an age-old style with utmost confidence. A dhoti could make you look effortlessly fashionable on your engagement day, and you could even wear it in other family gatherings.

11) The designer Mughlai sherwani could keep all eyes on you

One of the most popular choices of sherwani online, this designer option lends an ethnic look to the groom. Wear this outfit with embroidered shoes to complete the royal look. You can get this style customized according to your wishes, so it is important that you match the colors, fabric and overall cut and design to suit your preferences. Or else, you could also choose from the millions of readymade options already available in the market.

12) A tee shirt with a cotton blazer for the super casual engagement

Now, this might sound like an untoward option, but if you are having a casual engagement gathering with friends and family, you could choose to wear a tee shirt with a contrasting blazer with a semi-formal look. Avoid graphic tee shirts and choose something in a solid, darker shade. Pair it with light colored chinos and a contrasting blazer for the perfect effect.

13) Keep up the casual vibe with breezy shirts

If you don’t want to wear a tee shirt at your semi-formal engagement, you could opt for a casual printed shirt instead. Choose a shade that flatters your complexion, and specify the pattern, arm length and fit. Pair it with light colored pants to make the contrast pop.

Sherwani prices online can range a little higher than usual, so if you are not keen on spending an exorbitant amount of money on something that you are sure you will never wear again, you could always rent the outfit from platforms such as Flyrobe.

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