Do you want to go for honeymoon to Bali or Malaysia? Or, you must have a list of exotic honeymoon destinations to choose from. But one thing that is coming between you and your dream honeymoon destination is – money. You know that in India, weddings are expensive affairs and you will surely end up spending a lot of your savings on the upcoming occasion. And, that could push the desire to visit an exotic place with your soul mate a bit farther. Cheer up! Now, you can take a lehenga on rent in Delhi, Mumbai, or Kolkata from a reputed rental store like Flyrobe. And, it’s no more a taboo to wear rented dresses on your wedding, especially if you could wear multiple designer attires.

How to save money by taking suits for rent?

So, you like the idea of saving thousands of money for dresses that you’d wear just once. If you plan to take suits for rent in Bangalore, you’d be saving a lot of money that you could keep aside to spend on your honeymoon. Organizing weddings in the metropolitan cities is highly expensive and the cost of a designer gown or a dress often cost more than the entire budget for the wedding itself! Now, the brides and the grooms can choose whichever dresses they would like to flaunt without thinking about the budget. A designer sherwani on rent in Mumbai will come for a few thousand rupees whereas buying the original one might burn a big hole in the pockets of average middle class Indian.

Are those suits truly wearable?

Are you planning to take a blazer on rent in Delhi, but are hesitating? It could be because at the back of your mind you are thinking about the quality and condition of the clothes that are put on rent. Always take dresses on rent from a premium rental store like Flyrobe. At such a store you will find a wide collection of designer dresses available for renting. The store ensures a few things to the customers:

  •    Each of the dresses is dry cleaned and pressed on return from any customer
  •    Damages, if any, are repaired and sealed
  •    You can conveniently take a bridal lehenga on rent online from the store
  •    The store offers services for custom-fitting of the borrowed dresses so that you do not have to wear ill-fitted dresses on any special occasion.
  •    The borrowed dresses are delivered to the doorstep of the customers.
  •    On completion of the rented period, the store sends experts to pick up the dresses.

The wedding gowns are trendy and stylish

Wedding gowns in Hyderabad are stylish and trendy. Often, the ones that are signature collections of famous designers are costly and well above the budget of the middle class people. However, renting is not. Just for a few thousand bucks you should be able to rent a designer dress for 4 to 8 days. Thus, you could get to wear several designer dresses for the price of one. At a reputed rental store you’d find an impressive collection of the latest creations by popular designers. You could even get the exact one you liked in a magazine or in a signature store of a designer. Indian wedding gowns online India is thus the best thing that could happen to the modern, stylish generation.

Thanks to premium rental stores like Flyrobe that getting a party wear lehenga on rent in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and other metropolitan cities has become so much easier. If you want your friends in other cities to know about the dress renting facilities available, share this post with them.

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