Who says all weddings are “million dollar affairs”? When you are wisely spending your money, it’s not. Yes, there are ways to reduce the cost of Indian weddings and the list does not include cutting down on the menu options or on the merriment. Then, how? Which do you think are the most expensive areas of the weddings? Yes, the wedding dress is one! Especially with the trend of wearing designer sherwanis and lehengas at an all-time high, most of the young brides and grooms are choosing lehengas and sherwanis worth thousands and often lakhs! But is it worth it?

Taking a bridal lehenga on rent

With the trend of renting wedding lehengas spreading like wildfire, there are reputed stores that offer bridal lehengas on rent in Chandni Chowk. There are a lot of reasons for brides to take a designer wedding lehenga on rent for a few days. One of the obvious reasons for it is to save money. Secondly, renting a lehenga means you do not have to worry about its maintenance like dry cleaning or preserving the dress for long in the wardrobe. Once the wedding is over, you will return the dress to the store. It will not take a huge amount of space in your wardrobe forever. Moreover, a party wear lehenga on rent from a premium rental store will always be of a good quality. Thus, you need not worry about your looks for the occasion.

Rented dresses are custom-fitted

You might buy your wedding attire a few months before the event. And, if you gain or lose weight in the days leading to your wedding, the dress might ill fit. This is not the case with a rented attire. A store offering a sherwani on rent in Karol Bagh or Chandni Chowk will send an expert to your place to take your measurements after a dress is rented. Thus, you get a custom-fitted dress of your choice just a few days prior to the wedding. So, you should be able to flaunt your attire with élan!

More than hundreds of options to pick from!

There are premium rental stores that have an inventory of hundreds of designer lehengas and sherwanis to choose from. While at a signature store of a designer, you will find just a collection of his/her works, at a rental store there are collections by different designers under one roof. You can choose a lehenga by your favorite designer or can try a new style. A rental store gives you options to pick one or several designer dresses at the price of buying just one.

Choose a different dress for each occasion

Often people stick to buying just one or two designer dresses whether it is a partywear lehenga for a woman or a tux for a man. But renting gives you the option to choose more than one dresses at the same time for the price of buying one. Moreover, if you are choosing the rental option, you never have to repeat any dress for the second time!

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