Found your perfect match? Whoa! Now, the countdown starts for the D day! Almost every girl dreams of having the perfect fairytale wedding. You too must have planned to do so many things. Apart from the venue and the list of guests you are also excited about the wedding attire. Isn’t it? But at the back of your mind you know that buying a designer wedding lehenga in Kolkata, the one that you’ve always dreamt about, is going to leave a big dent in your pocket. Also, you want to wear a different dress on each day of the week-long event and have no intention to repeat any lehenga or suit. It is truly a dicey situation you are in!

Good news is there are stores that provide wedding suits on rent in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. You can easily rent a dress for each day of the wedding. The last few years have seen an increase in the number of youngsters renting wedding dresses. They seem not interested in purchasing something that they will hardly get to wear another time! And, the high cost of the designer apparels that people want to wear on their wedding day leaves very little options to buy more dresses. But you’d hate to repeat dresses on your wedding! So, it is always better to rent wedding dresses. This will let you rent several for the price of purchasing one.

A good reason to rent…
Want to flaunt a Ritu Kumar suit or a Manish Malhotra lehenga? You can wear several designer wear collections for the price of one. Isn’t that a good reason for choosing to take a bridal lehenga on rent? There are a few reputed rental stores from where you can choose your bridal lehenga on rent in Mumbai. There are similar stores in other cities too – Kolkata, Delhi, and Hyderabad are also the places where the trend of renting wedding dresses has become much popular recently.

Dresses for the groom too!
Just as every bride is special, every groom too is extraordinary and should look his best on his wedding day. Discuss the concept of renting a wedding dress like a sherwani with your fiancée. He might like the idea too! A store offering wedding sherwani on rent in Delhi will have a good collection of designer suits for the guys. In fact, if you two choose to rent from the same store, you could match your wedding dresses with one another. Moreover, if you have decided on a theme for the wedding, you can pick dresses accordingly.

It is convenient
A reputed rental store will have experts who can help you in choosing the right attire for your wedding. So, you can go shopping alone and will always have someone to suggest the right dress for you! Moreover, the lehenga or the suit you are renting will be custom fitted so that you don’t look awkward in those. The store will send experts to get your sizes and fit the dresses according to that. The dresses will be delivered to you on time and after the renting period is over will also be picked up from your place. It is convenient as well as hassle-free.

So, think no more and check out the reputed rental stores near you. You can also check online as most of the reputed stores also provide online services. It lets you choose the dresses online and place an order for renting without leaving your home.

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