You might have heard of brides-to-be renting their wedding lehengas. And,might have also checked reviews where women are saying “yes” to the idea of renting designer dresses. But, should you go for it too? You must be looking for an answer whether or not you too should rent your wedding lehenga and dresses for other occasions like haldi, mehendi, or sagai. Yes, if you are not buying dresses, you are definitely saving some money. There are many to-be brides who are choosing to rent wedding dresses in Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata. But, will renting be as good as buying a brand new lehenga? Read on to learn more…

Renting wedding dresses is the most economical solution!

You are already taking so many things on rent – the venue, the catering service, the decorations, as well as different other things, which together complete the event. So, why hesitate to rent a gown or a lehenga? Probably that is the reason to-be-brides are choosing to rent designer lehengas in Hyderabad.

Remember, you won’t be wearing the same lehenga for the second time in your life. And, wearing bridal lehenga for someone else’s wedding is also a fashion faux pas. But in a scenario where you are buying a wedding dress, you are responsible for dry cleaning and maintenance of the dress year after year. This is not all, the dress needs to be preserved well and checked often for possible signs of damages. All these will definitely need a huge lot of expenses without any fruitful purpose. So, it is better to rent a wedding lehenga.

Two or more for the price of one

You’ve always wanted to wear different lehengas for your engagement, haldi, and wedding. But buying several lehengas together can burn a hole in your pocket. So, often brides are seen wearing the same lehenga for all the occasions or buy lehengas from the local stores. But if you are planning to rent lehengas and anarkalis, you can surely choose several together for the price of one. Moreover, it might not be affordable for you to buy original designer lehengas. But renting makes it possible to wear original designer lehengas without pinching your pockets. So, you can choose several different dresses for the price of one if you are planning to rent the dresses from a premium dress rental store near you. Now, you do not have to repeat any dress.

Guys can rent too

Rental stores are also offering blazers for rent in Hyderabad, Delhi, and Pune. There are such rental stores in other cities too. So, while you are renting designer lehengas, you can ask your spouse to choose matching suits and tuxedo on rent. Thus, you two will look picture perfect and will get wedding photographs that you’ll be able to cherish for years.

Rental stores offer good quality dresses

Most of the reputed rental stores take a good care of the dresses they put on rent. They ensure regular maintenance so that when you rent a dress, it looks as good as new. Moreover, every time a lehenga or a dress is rented, the store sends experts to take measurements of the borrower. Thus, the dress is made custom-fitted before sending. So, when you wear a rented dress in your wedding, it looks as if the dress has been made to your size.

So, stop hesitating and look for a premium dress rental store like Flyrobe. It’s a store based in multiple cities that offer hundreds of designer dresses on rent. Share this post so that other gets rental ideas as well.

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