It is the dream of every India bride to be able to wear a Manish Malhotra lehenga or a Sabyasachi Mukherjee signature collection on the wedding day. But for most, it remains a dream owing to the exorbitant prices of designer apparels. But not anymore! With the option of renting designer lehengas in Hyderabad, Kolkata and many other cities, it has become affordable for every middle-class Indian girl to wear a magnificent designer dress on her wedding.

Renting became easier
These days it has become a lot easier to choose Jaipur lehenga online shopping. There are many premium rental stores that are offering the best in class rental offers for designer wear. The signature collections are rented out at much lower prices than the actual costs. A lehenga which would otherwise cost in lakhs could be rented for a few thousand rupees. Thus, for the price of one, an Indian bride could easily choose a few. No more repeating dresses on the wedding day or spending a lot of money in buying something that she may not wear for the second time!

Designer fashion has become a necessity
Life was simpler earlier, but not anymore! What was fashionable has become a necessity. These days most of the young couples prefer to spend money on designer collections for their weddings. This often results in big dents in their pockets. This led to the growth of popularity of renting wedding attire. There are quite a few premium rental stores that offer bridal lehengas on rent in Chandni Chowk. This makes it easier for the young couples to choose expensive designer dresses within their budget. This leaves enough scope to wear whichever they wish to without having to repeat dresses. This is one of the biggest reasons for the growth and popularity of the concept of renting designer dresses for the weddings.

The rising demand…
As stated by an employee of Flyrobe, one of the leading rental service providers of designer wedding apparels, “On an average sherwani on rent in Bangalore serves almost a thousand clients per month.” Since he started working for the store he has noted a steady spike in the number. He added, “It was a few hundred in the beginning and it was very hard to convince them to choose to rent over a purchase of designer gown or lehenga.”

There are many brides who went for a purchase of a designer lehenga or a gown, but later regretted their decisions. They would hardly get a chance in their life to wear it for the second time. They wanted to recycle it, but there are so fewer options! Couples choosing to rent lehenga or sherwani for the wedding do not have to go through such situations as they can rent any dresses they want at a price much less than the original ones. Once the purpose is served, they can send the dresses back to the rental store. This is the most affordable and hassle-free way to choose wedding attire.

Apart from affordability, there are a few other benefits, which attract the soon-to-be-married couples to choose to rent over buying. A few of those benefits are – custom-fitted suits, sherwanis, and lehengas, free delivery of the rented clothes and free pick-up after the event is over. Try renting dresses to know your reason for loving the concept.

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