Looking ramp ready is not just the forte of the celebrities anymore! The new, fashion-conscious generation is showing their special interest to wear designer attires, especially in weddings and ceremonies. Thus, wearing a signature gown of a famous Indian wedding dresses designer on your wedding is not too much you are asking for, for your wedding! But you must be worried about the cost of such a dress. Don’t worry about it as well as you have stores like Flyrobe that offer the best of designer dresses on rent.

Is renting worth it on your wedding?

It is no longer a taboo to wear rented designer dresses on your wedding. And, the guests can hardly differentiate a rented dress from a bought one. Reputed stores offer dresses that are dry cleaned and pressed before each delivery. Required alterations are made and the dress is also made to fit you. Thus, it feels as if the dress has been bought or made exclusively for you. What’s more? You are getting an opportunity to rent a dress for an amount that is less than half the price of the original designer wedding reception dresses.

How much for a designer lehenga on rent?

If you are planning to borrow a designer bridal lehenga in Jaipur, you should be able to get it for a very less amount than you have kept separate for your wedding dress. For just a few bucks you should be able to take a designer lehenga on rent for 4 days or longer. Generally, at a store like Flyrobe, besides getting a sherwani on rent in Chandni Chowk, you can also get to rent accessories and shoes. Thus, you do not have to spend money in buying unnecessarily to purchase accessories and items that you would not need later. You can use those items innumerable number of times within the rental period just like your own dress.

How much hassle will you have to take?

If you are planning to take wedding dresses on rent in Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi, or in any other metro cities, you will get those dresses delivered to your doorstep without any hassle. You can place an order for renting wedding dresses online. Thus, you do not have to leave the comforts of your home to choose your wedding attire. Moreover, you really do not want to wear ill fitting dresses on your D day. A reputed store will offer custom-fitting services where experts will visit your place to take your measurements. The dress will be fitted to your sizes so that it feels made just for you!

What happens after the rental period is over?

When taking wedding dresses on rent in Ahmedabad, you need to be sure of the pick-up options. You should always choose a store that offers to pick-up the dresses once the rental period is over. This will ensure peace of mind and you also do not have to arrange for a return nor have to make arrangements for storing the borrowed dresses for long.

If you have already planned to take wedding clothes on rent in Ahmedabad, Delhi, or Mumbai, you must try the stores of a famous rental brand Flyrobe. It’s a store that has branches in many of the metropolitan cities in the country. Share this post with others to let others know of it as well.

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