Whether they are bought for the purpose of a wedding or otherwise, sherwanis always make the handsome Indian men look ethnic and dapper. No other outfit can really class up a man’s wardrobe as much as a designer sherwani can.

A gents sherwani will come in different shapes and sizes, but it is important to sift through the options and select one that suits your style to perfection. This is especially applicable if the sherwani is being bought for the groom. Obviously, men want to look good on their special day too, and for that to happen, it is absolutely necessary for them to wear an outfit that is traditionally appropriate and fashionably outstanding.

So, here we have for you, 10 amazing wedding sherwani designs to choose from, to make sure that you are as admired and appreciated on your wedding day as your bride.

1) A beautiful black and gold embroidered combination

Black is one color that you cannot go wrong with. Combine it with beautiful golden print all over, and voila! You have yourself a masterpiece. You can swap the print for golden zari embroidery as well- it looks equally fabulous. To go with these amazing latest sherwani, choose black churidar pants. This entire ensemble is sure to make you look like an absolute prince. If you have some inhibitions about wearing black on your wedding day, save it for the cocktail party or the reception.

2) A formal attire with trendy leather churidars

This is probably a trend that you haven’t heard of yet, but it looks amazing when paired correctly. A black sherwani base with rust or golden floral print looks gorgeous on any man. To spice up the shervani design, replace the traditional cotton churidar pants with leather ones. It is a combination that you cannot go wrong with. We would suggest that you skip the leather pants during winter, because the fabric may get a little uncomfortable in the heat. Finish the look with a brooch on your pocket and embroidered Nagra shoes and you’re good to go!

3) A princely white and golden combination with jodhpuri pants

Simply choose a sherwani that has a basic design- for example, a white sherwani with golden cuffs and an embroidered collar, and pair it with Patiala pants. If you are not a fan of Patiala pants and want something that has a bit more structure, wear the sherwani with jodhpuri for mens. This piece of clothing has just the right amount of flair and symmetry. The result? Astonishingly beautiful. This is also a great choice if your bride is wearing white on the wedding day as well. This look is another unique combination, but this sherwani plays on the minimalistic approach to create an ethereal

4) A simple jet black sherwani with a matching pocket square

If you’re a man who loves to keep it low-key, then this sherwani design is just the right pick for you. For someone who is not that into the pomp and shine that embroidery and prints bring to a sherwani, this simple sherwani is absolutely the best option. Choose a sherwani of a cotton blend to bring that extra edge to the outfit. You can choose to have the collars and cuffs done in velvet to add some dimension to the whole ensemble.

5) Sherwanis in beautiful pastel shades are the new summer trend!

If you’re having a destination wedding on the beach, it is the perfect occasion to wear a sherwani in a beautiful pastel shade. Not only is it perfectly suited for a summer wedding, but it also blends in with the outdoors without looking over the top. Pastel hues like peach, baby pink, sky blue, and mint green are soothing to the eye. Sherwani designs based in pastel shades are usually simple and minimalistic to let the color do the talking.

6) Heard of printed lehengas? Now, look at some printed sherwanis!

Honestly, printed sherwanis have been around for a long time, and they are slowly making their way back into the market. Consider a beautiful royal blue velvet sherwani with ivory silk printing all over. The print can be of geometric shapes or can bear the traditional Indian motifs as well. Whatever be the case, this is one look that will turn you into an absolute king on your special day.

7) Go the ethnic way with red and gold

This is the most tried and tested option when it comes to wedding sherwanis. The fact that the combination has been around for so long testifies to its brilliance. Red and gold is a favorite choice of colors for both the bride and the groom, and often both wear the same combination to match on their special day. A golden sherwani with dark printed motifs, red collar, and red cuffs makes for the perfect outfit for the groom. Pair it with dark colored Patiala pants for an added depth and best results.

8) A blue and red combination for the royal groom

Want to look exceptionally royal on your wedding day? Then choose the color of royalty- blue. Pair a blue velvet sherwani with a red pocket kerchief for a formal yet breath-taking look. If you are not afraid of experimenting, you can combine the blue sherwani with magenta collars and cuffs for a pop of color in amidst the darker hues. However, we would suggest that you only opt for this material if you are having a winter wedding since velvet is a thick material.

9) A maroon sherwani with a beautiful golden design to amp up the glam quotient

Some of the best sherwani designs for groom actually come in unexpected colors, such as maroon. Although it is often overlooked, most men look stunning in this deep shade of red. A maroon embroidered sherwani is the perfect way to go, especially if you want to match your bride’s maroon attire.

10) Beige sherwanis with elegant zardousi work to make the best fashion statement

For the grooms who are basing their choice of sherwani on their bride’s lehenga, then beige would be the perfect accompaniment to the darker shades that your bride might choose to wear. Relax, you won’t pale into oblivion beside her- simply choose a beige sherwani that has some heavy zardousi embroidery work done on it in some darker shade like rust brown or maroon. You can match the collar and cuffs to your bride’s lehenga, or wear a matching pocket square. Finish the look with a dark-colored turban and some men’s wedding jewelry.

Fashion trends come and go, so investing a whole lot of money in your wedding attire for that one-time wear might seem like a bad idea. The best alternative would be to rent the outfit from a trusted platform such as Flyrobe and see the magic spell cast itself on your most special day.

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