Gone are the days when the attention to attire and wedding dresses used to be the last worry of the worries for the couples. There are zillions of designer wears and attire available in the market at present. Ranging from vibrant colours to out of the world designs, a lot of detailing and work goes into wedding dresses.

From color coordinating to color contrasting to matching prints and fabrics, this one wedding outfit trend is to completely obsess over. Couples diversely combining their outfits have been in vogue for quite a while now and we don’t see it fizzing out anytime soon. For the girls bridal wedding lehenga has become a huge hit and is available in different styles and trends.

Well, the couples don’t have to go all out and make it look very tacky. Keep it simple and subtle and coordinate your outfits perfectly with your partners. Let us see how:

1) You Can Match Some Elements Of Your Individual Outfits

This is also one of the ways to match your outfits with your better halves. Some of the elements like the white and gold detailing, or cream with embroidery, anything with intricate detailing can make a whole different look altogether.

2) Pairing Bridal Outfit With Groom Kurta In Contrasting Overcoat

Contrasting is always more alluring than any other combination. The bridegroom dress colour combinations take another form when the bridal saree or lehenga gets matched up with groom’s sherwani with a lighter or darker shade of jacket he is wearing above it. It would be a perfect balance of the colours.

3) The Magic Of Embroidery Can Never Really Be Overlooked

The embroidery work on the attire can also help in enhancing the look. One can match the embroidery works with other one’s attire. The girl can wear a bright coloured lehenga with the lighter shade of the groom’s attire but the embroidery of brocade if combined together can look terrific and create a perfect picture for the wedding couple. Do check for wedding lehenga designs with price to get the best deals online.

4) The Classic Black And Red Combo Is A Slayer For Sure

This match can never go wrong. Two of the boldest and strongest tones of colour do make a beautiful contrasting effect. If the bride’s outfit is in red then the groom pair it up with a black tux and add a little bit of red to it. A bright red lehenga with a black designer suit for the wedding reception is an ideal outfit for couples.

5) Twinning All The Way And Making Merry

The trend of twinning with one’s partner has become the new in thing now. A perfectly coordinated colour is what you need for your wedding to show your love to the outside world. Decide a particular color that will suit both of you and make a style statement together! Get the latest bridal lehenga designs to make the style statement at your wedding.

6) Matching the shade of your dupatta to your groom’s kurta

This is also one more trick to match the bride and groom’s outfit. The bride can pick up a bright colour that would match the colour of the groom’s coat or jacket. Imagine you wearing a bright pink dupatta and your partner can wear a jacket of the same colour to compliment you.

7) The use of monotones speaks of sheer class and elegance

Gold on Bride and Off White on Groom is a great combination to try this wedding season. This is a combination that cannot go wrong. Check bridal lehengas online with price to get that royal look at an affordable rate. A monotone bridal with the groom’s sherwani rocking the print can also be one amazing combination.

8) Pairing pastel colours is the latest trend of today

Pastel colours like sage green, lavender grey, amber yellow, powder blue, peach, light turquoise, are a great choice for one’s wedding outfit. Sage green jacket with yellow lehenga can be a great combination.

It creates a fresh look and is a good choice for wedding ceremonies during the daytime. Pair up your muted pink with his white kurta or peach saree with tea green sherwani or you may pair up baby blue with beige.

9) Matching the safa or turban with the bride’s lehenga

There are a lot of Pagdi styles are available for the men to choose to match their outfit. With the Rajasthani style, Banarasi style, Mewari style, all the grooms out there, have a lot many options to explore.

The groom can match the colour or shades of their turban with the shaadi lehenga of the bride. For example, a light brown-gold shade of turban and a light brown golden lehenga would make a good match and will give a sophisticated look.

10) Matching patterns on your outfits looks cute and adorable

Not just colours but even combining prints is a good option for the bride and groom to think of. Get bridal lehengas online with price for a better understanding of the cost and also to get different patterns which might not be available in stores.

11) The theme is the best way to dress in congruence

Majority of the couples today go for themed weddings and ceremonies. If the venue of the wedding is decked with flowers then both can go with colours and tones that would complement the colour of their outfits.

To nail coordination for your entire wedding, pick colours that are in sync with your event decor. For instance, if the decor theme for your sangeet is white and peach, the groom can pick a white tuxedo, and the bride a peach gown. Or if you have blooming orange and red orchids in the backdrop then peach could be the colour for you.

12) Pink love – yes for the bride AND the groom too

Gone are the days when pink was just a girl’s favourite. Pastel pinks and even dark pink tones are the new favourites of the couples. Different shades of pink and heavy embroideries are quite a hit among couples. Even the celebrities are rocking this colour at their weddings. Light pink sherwani is quite a hit among people today.

13) The element of contrast is quirky and playful

Contrast can always be a good option to give a different look for both. For instance, the bride can pick up a lemon yellow lehenga and the groom could go with a magenta outfit. Or one can try the white and red combination or even pink with a dark blue combination. Check for best sherwani designs for groom at Flyrobe and get the best of the best.

14) Jewellery Coordination is bound to be an innovative idea

Well, surprise surprise! Grooms love to dress up almost as much as brides do, but are more often than not, too shy to admit it. There is something really charming about a groom who dares to accessorise his outfit with a piece of jewellery.

While picking out jewellery, try and coordinate with the style and colour of jewellery. For instance, if the bride’s choker has emerald stone drops, the groom can go with a layered green beads necklace. Gold and pearl also look great together and the bride and groom can actually mix and match with it.

15) Same print but different colour is sure to draw all the attention

The non-bridal lehengas for smaller functions like the mehandi or haldi ceremonies can have the same print like floral or stripes or the same work and just pick different colours for the outfit. This would create a unity in design still the couple would look strikingly different in their attire.

16) Use of bright hue on the bride and plain white on the groom

This can be a great choice for the functions and marriages during the daytime. For instance, the girl can go with bright or lighter shades of pink and the groom can wear a plain white kurta. Even a pastel yellow on the bride can complement the white on the groom.

17) Almost similar yet different to set the guests wondering

Yes, one can think of this combination too! The bridal wedding lehenga can look almost similar to her groom’s outfit. There can be one element on her dress that can go with the whole outfit of the groom. This could give an illusion that both the outfits are same but of course, in reality, they are different.

Make the most important day in your life memorable and beautiful with these unique ways. Make it look dreamy and create a style statement for others to take inspiration in future – check out Flyrobe for the ultimate collection of wedding fashion today.

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