With so many new lehenga choli designs readily available, it is totally justified if you are unable to select one for your own wedding! Finalizing this choice is difficult for every bride-to-be, especially for those who wish to individualize their looks from the rest.

A couple of years back red was considered the auspicious color choice of the Indian brides, but with the evolving fashion tastes in this country, this segment has also undergone a huge metamorphosis, all thanks to Indian designers.

If you are puzzled by the choices that you find all around you, then here are some of the best lehenga designs of this year which took the fashion world by a storm.

1) The red lehenga with a zardozi twist

If you are in love with the color of love then embrace this color wholeheartedly. If you are going to say yes for this don’t think you don’t have an evolved fashion sense. The color which has once ruled the hearts of brides is back with a full swing but also with a twist. Be the queen you have always wanted to be in a zardozi worked lehenga in practically any shades of red.

2) The ever-stylish silk red lehenga

We can’t seem to be tired of this color it seems right? If zardozi is a blingy option for you then go for an ultimate sophisticated look with a silk red bridal lehenga. Hunt out the one which is intricately designed with itsy-bitsy gold motifs and voila you are all set to rock.

3) It’s your wedding, a little shine is always welcome

It is this day you have been waiting for since your puberty, so girl please don’t shy away from a little glitz. Golden lehengas with intricately placed glitter work are so in this year and the moment you will set your eyes on this piece you are bound to give your heart to it.

4) Pastel shades for the classy look

If you aren’t a fan of too much shine and jazz like many of us, then don’t be fretted. Not every bridal lehenga has to come with loads of glitter and heavy work. For the bride who is partially inclined towards subtle shades pick a pastel pink lehenga with patches of embroidery works on it.

5) A little glitter is always good, right?

If your choices lie between flashy lehengas and pastel lehengas and you are torn between the two, then go for a less flashy one, simple. If you are not sure about a completely gold shaded lehenga, then would a beige and gold-toned lehenga match up with your expectations?

6) Yellow not a dirty fellow!

It’s high time we should accept the guilt we deserve after unintentionally ignoring the power of this color for a shaadi lehenga. If you are looking for a lehenga design in this color to get dolled up in your haldi ceremony, then look for the ones with simple detailing. However, if you have taken it on yourself to show to the world that you can look godly in this sunset color then see if you can get your hands on a piece beautified by wide border adorned with zardozi work.

7) The bold bold red

Yes as promised this option is also red in color. But guess what? It is blood red in color! Either you are shocked or astonished after watching this unconventional color choice being featured in this list; it will owe you an edgy look. If you fancy boldest colors also sticking to the traditional red, then you cannot get enough of this shade taken a few notches higher by the magic of the golden thread work.

8) Want a red lehenga that is not really red?

You are not the only one who wants the red element in their designer lehenga online while not signing up for the traditional bridal red. Coral is the best options for confused souls like you, and also the color has made its reputation of brightening bride’ s look on her most special day. Nonetheless, to say, it could also hold a reddish hue which you aren’t willing to let go off.

9) Look like a mermaid in a fishtail lehenga

No, you aren’t suggested to turn up like a mermaid with artificial fins and tails, rather you have got the option of trying out a something different. How about an aqua blue party wear lehenga? This one sounds totally apt for your evening engagement party where your lehenga with beautiful stonework will do all the talking for you!

10) Be the boho bride

If you have secretly admired bohemian fashion but don’t have an idea how to incorporate it in your wedding, then take this cue. In order to be the bride with an unconventional style sense, be on the lookout for a lehenga skirt featuring a patchwork of various art forms and in vivid colors. Accordingly, select a one from the latest choli designs to coordinate with your overall look.

11) The color of your first lippie

Pink, the color we were an insane fan of since we were little is still considered to be a hot option in the bridal attire collection. If your dream is to get decked up as a maharani then you know you can do this just by sticking with the plethora of options this color offers? Sand goldwork on a blush pink lehenga is what will convert your dream into reality quite effortlessly.

12) Who said black is inauspicious?

Since you are the bride of this era you are expected to break the barriers while ditching norms with this bold choice. In order to find yourself a totally offbeat design, hunt for a piece with multicolor embroidery or heavy work.

So, now that you are loaded with ideas, finding out the best heavy bridal lehenga is sure to be a cakewalk for you. Don’t believe us? Well, then don’t waste a second and visit Flyrobe to hypnotize you for the next few minutes!

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