For every modern bride, her wedding dress is special. It is something, apart from the husband, that she wants to be perfect…just out of her dreams! However, buying a designer wedding gown or a bridal lehenga can burn a big hole in the pockets of every middle-class bride and her family. Often purchasing the wedding dresses consumes funds that could go to other important areas of the wedding. Probably, to meet the rising demand of the brides to wear designer dresses and to make those affordable, the concept of renting bridal dresses is here! Now, the couples who have a budget constraint could wear designer clothes for their wedding. If you too wish to wear a signature costume by a renowned designer, look for a reputed rental store from where you can take a bridal lehenga in Jaipur or the city you are in.

The trend is not new!
You must be wondering whether you should try this new trend of renting wedding dresses. But renting dresses and accessories for weddings is not new! For many years couples have been renting important wedding elements like dresses, accessories, and even jewelry. This resulted in the emergence and growth of a few reputed rental stores for wedding dresses in Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Delhi, and Bangalore. Recent changes in the economic scenario of the country have resulted in the growth of the rental market in the country. Weddings in India are galactic affairs. And the most economical way to have a gala wedding ceremony is to rent expensive wedding dresses.

A bride and a groom can choose their dream dresses
Not all the couples and families have a hefty wedding budget. But at the same time, wearing designer dresses for the weddings have become very popular among the young couples. But most of the girls from the middle-class backgrounds are not independently wealthy and the family can’t afford to purchase a designer dress for her worth a few thousand dollars. By choosing to rent a dress, not just the bride, but the groom can also take a sherwani on rent in Karol Bagh or in any other area where rental stores are situated.

No after-wedding care for the dresses
When you purchase an expensive wedding dress, you need to ensure some after-wedding care. You may not get a chance to wear the dress for the second time in your life. However, you can hand it over as a tradition to your daughter or future daughter-in-law. But, remember, buying something that takes almost half the budget of the entire wedding ceremony is not a wise decision. Moreover, you will have to keep a separate space in your closet for the wedding dresses. In addition to that, dry cleaning and regular maintenance have to be ensured to keep the dresses in good condition for a long period of time. But when you are renting dresses, you simply return those after use to the rental store. It’s easy and convenient too!

Custom fitting is an option
When you go for a tuxedo rental or rent a sherwani for the wedding, you do not have to rush to a tailor to get it fitted. A reputed rental store will send experts at your home to custom-fit the gowns and the dresses you have ordered.

So, don’t let people convince you to purchase an expensive designer dress for your wedding when you can easily rent one at less than half the price!

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