The popularity of the trend of taking wedding dresses on rent has fast caught up. There are lists of stores that are offering bridal lehenga for rent in Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and other cities in India. Then, there are fashion forums, Pinterest boards, and blogs where there are tons of ideas for the brides-to-be on choosing the right wedding attire. But, what about men? They face the challenge of choosing the perfect attire for themselves for the wedding day. Most men either purchase formals or just stick to t-shirts and jeans for the whole year. Moreover, the menfolk are not much into shopping! That is why they often end up making mistakes while choosing a sherwani or a tux for the wedding.

Here is a list of 4 mistakes a man makes, pointed out by a store that offers men’s suits on rent in Delhi:

Trying a new style
Men often tend to try some new styles for their wedding. But this is a mistake they should not be making. A person should always wear what he is comfortable and confident in. Moreover, it is desirable that a man should walk the aisle with his bride in the most refined and authentic self. He should groom himself properly before getting dressed as a groom! But remember, if you usually maintain stubble or a mustache, do not shave clean! Moreover, if you are comfortable in an embroidered sherwani rather than a bejeweled one, choose it. But you need to match it with the attire of the bride too! So, choose to rent your wedding attire wisely.

Over-accessorizing the look
You may be tempted to choose too many accessories like shoes, handcuffs, brooches, bow ties, pocket squares, and belts. But you should keep it to a standard. Do not use too many of them together as it will only mar the look of the attire. A groom’s look should be elegant, but minimal. For example at a store that offers sherwani on rent in Lajpat Nagar, you will get a long list of accessories from the traditional jootis to belts and the wedding turbans. But only choose to rent the accessories you feel will make you elegant and stylish. Too much of it can spoil the look.

Opt for alterations in time
Most often the stores that offer wedding suits for men on rent face the challenge of doing the alterations at the last minute. You should not make this mistake. As you are placing an order for renting a wedding suit, schedule a date for custom-fitting it. A reputed store offering wedding sherwani on rent in Ahmedabad or in any other city will send experts at your place to take your measurements. After the alterations, you must check the fitting of the dresses. All these should be finalized and completed at least two to three weeks prior to the wedding date. Leaving things for the last minute can be hazardous as you may have to wear ill-fitted dresses or uncomfortable suits on your wedding. To avoid that, be ready in time!

Be careful regarding the duration of renting
There are many men who tend to miscalculate the date and duration of renting the wedding attire. Thus, often they have to return a dress even without wearing it once! This is a mistake you should not be making. If you are not careful, you may end up choosing wrong dates and also spend money on renting a dress you won’t get a chance to wear. So, plan ahead and be careful while placing orders.

Keep these pointers in mind and avoid the commonest mistakes in renting a wedding dress. Best wishes!

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