Imagine if you had to pick from just a couple of sherwani designs for mens to adorn it on your big day?

That sure is a dismal picture to paint, right?

Thankfully along with the passage of time, the wedding attire for men in India has also undergone a drastic change. Nowadays weddings have become almost synonymous with lehengas and sherwanis, be it of any ethnicity. Thus the contemporary fashion designers have taken the task on their shoulders to come up with new sherwani designs, keeping in mind the preferences and the body-type of the Indian men.

Today, you will find myriad styles and designs to choose from. Let us check out the top styles of sherwanis which you can choose from to adorn yourself on your D-Day.

1) Florals don’t only belong in the women’s wardrobe

If you are under the impression that florals are going to make you look like all girly, then you need to keep a check on the current trends. If you are a summer groom then wearing a sherwani designed utilizing bright floral embroidered motifs above a sober colored base will not only be soothing to the eyes but it will also help you to beat the heat.

2) The darkest shade lighter than black

In case you are very eager to try a marriage sherwani in a bold hue but not black, then take cues from this shade. This color of the ambrosia drink will help to accentuate your best features and conceal any flab if you have. If your wedding rituals are going to be conducted during the wee hours of the evening or at night, this wine-hued sherwani with hints of pink lilacs here and there will steal you all the attention you deserve.

3) Be the prince in a brocade sherwani

Brocade the fabric is said to have been utilized to clothe maharajas of the ancient age will make you a king transported in the modern age. If you haven’t tried brocade sherwani earlier then a cream colored sherwani would be the safest option for you. The golden work on the sober color will start to weave the magic from the moment you will put it on.

4) Speaking of black, how about a dhoti sherwani?

Whether you just want to show some of your dance moves in the sangeet ceremony or want to be at utmost comfort during your reception ceremony, this sherwani would be your lifesaver. The fabric is art silk obviously reflecting all the radiance you need, and the cuts are made keeping in mind the choices of modern men. Wear this wedding sherwani online and you would continue to earn compliments for a while.

5) Royal blue for your royal taste

Whether you are planning to get married now or after a few years or the worst case, never, you have to try this sherwani at least once in your lifetime. Even when you will attempt to look at yourself in the mirror you wouldn’t look any less than someone with strong royal associations. Made with pure silk, the intricate zari, and motif work what makes it a piece of artistic wonder.

6) Be the groom every bride has dreamt of

If you desire to be your bride’s dream man then got to pick up the right outfit. By right it means that you ought to see yourself in your big day in nothing but a resham embroidered sherwani. These types of sherwanis come in a range of breathable fabrics, so it is your pick after all. If you have a well-toned physique then wearing this it will accentuate your features.

7) Why can’t the groom wear a stole

So were you under the impression that only brides are lucky to carry off stoles with their bridal lehengas? If yes, then come outside the cocoon and see it yourself that sherwani collection with attached stoles is a hot thing now. Attach a belt in your sherwani and create a stylish yet effortless look.

8) A jacquard sherwani is what you need

If you are looking for a designer sherwani for groom that is neither too heavy on your pockets nor simplistic, then this is your pick! Go for a sherwani with a white or a beige base and ensemble with intricate stonework, and you would rock your wedding. As this one would be expectantly gorgeous, it is considered to be only suitable for grooms only.

9) Be like the Mughals

If you have admired the Mughal’s sense of fashion from the historical pages then why not turn up into a Mughal prince on your big day? Typically, these would be multilayered and it to be tailored to an umbrella cut. You would get to wear both intricately worked top and a matching jacket complemented with a churidar style pajama.

10) Black is the new blue

Earlier grooms who had an eye for darker colors had used to have only a limited choice, a dark blue toned. But things have changed for good, and now you can also effortlessly pull off the groom look in a gorgeous black sherwani.

11) Pastel is the new favorite

If your wish has always been to be a head turner at your own wedding then please don’t shy out from pastel shaded sherwani. Best for weddings scheduled during the summer season amidst broad daylight, this sober toned sherwani ornamented with golden thread work would give you utmost comfort.

12) Sweep your bride off your feet with this majestic pick

Sport a velvet sherwani in a bold shade and be the reason of envy of all the men at your wedding. If you see the latest sherwani design marriage, you will find that these aren’t coupled with too blingy embellishments. Elegant motifs in artistic embroidery work resembling elephants, birds, plants are ideal to bring in that royal touch.

13) Go bold in an asymmetric hemline

If you have eyes for something which owes you comfort while making your look utterly stylish then what are you thinking about? When you will make your way into the wedding hall wearing a sherwani with an asymmetric hemline, you will clearly be the experimental groom with an eye for style.

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