Indian weddings are no less than a festival with several events starting from the engagement ceremony to reception of the newly wedded couple. While it is quite important to choose the right look for your wedding day and reception, your look for the engagement ceremony should not be taken for granted too! If you are getting married this year, you can make a fashionable statement by colour coordinating your outfit with your fiancé on your engagement ceremony and continue the idea until your reception day.

Colour co-ordinating outfit for couples can be done by wearing similar or contrasting colours or creating a perfect balance by choosing individual pieces of the outfit to match. A perfectly chosen colour combination can spell “Made for each other” on your special day and make way for some awesome photographs to remember. You will need to make a little effort and be open to experimenting to rock the awesome outfits on your D-Day.

But, before you run to the stores, we are here to give you some ideas to try for your engagement ceremony.

1) Go For Matching Colour Combinations To Die For

Matching hues for outfits for the bride and the groom is the easiest way to make a style statement on your wedding or engagement ceremony. A bridal lehenga in bright colours like red, golden or blue can be matched by selecting a sherwani in the same shade for the groom.

Happy colours like red, green and golden can never go wrong for wedding festivities. You can wear slightly different shades of the same colour or the exact same shade taking the ‘twinning’ trend more seriously! The matching hues and the glow of being in love will make the two of you look like a “match made in heaven’!

2) Complement With Contrasting Shades Of Colours

Complement each other’s outfits by opting for contrasting colours for your engagement ceremony outfits. Contrasting can be the trick when you can’t decide on whose favourite colour to wear on the day! Contrasting colours can also open up a vast range of choices.

One of the best pairings will be a beautiful light shades lehenga for the bride contrasted by a brightly hued sherwani for the groom. For example, a baby pink lehenga can be complemented by an emerald sherwani worn by the groom.

Alternatively, if the bride is open to wearing bolder colours the groom can create a balance by opting for a lighter shade. For example, a royal blue lehenga on the bride can look radiant beside a beige sherwani clad groom.

You can also try contrasting colours yet similar hues like a red lehenga for the bride can look more stunning when the groom complements her with a dark maroon sherwani.

3) Try out the different colour, similar tones combo

If you are not so much into matching outfits for the engagement ceremony yet do not want to stand out wearing stark contrasting colours, you can opt for different colours in the same tone i.e. a warm toned or a cool toned outfits in different colours. Some of the best pairings can be a baby pink lehenga and a mint green sherwani or a warm-toned peach lehenga for the bride and a golden sherwani for the groom.

4) Monotones are very IN and look tremendously classy

Monotones are quite popular among young couples as they look stylish, extremely classy and are not overwhelming at all. The most popular choices for monotone outfits are ivory, beige, grey, baby blue, white and golden.

A bride and the groom can match the outfits in similar shades or combine to create a subtle contrast. For example, a white sherwani can complement an ivory lehenga quite well. Also, a grey sherwani on the groom can look absolutely gorgeous when complemented by a baby blue lehenga worn by the bride. A monotone lehenga is offbeat and stunning that can leave the guests raving about the bride’s ‘lehenga ka design’!

5) Strike up the perfect harmony with each other

You can a perfect harmony between the bride and groom’s look even without opting for matching or contrasting colour. A multicoloured lehenga for the bride and a monotone sherwani for the groom can create the perfect balance between the two looks. However, you should keep in mind to exclude the colours on the bride’s lehenga for the groom’s dress when selecting the same. Even if the sherwani has a colour in it that matches the bride’s lehenga, it should be not much visible so that both the dresses stand out on their own.

You can find many latest sherwani design marriage by visiting Flyrobe’s website. Choose the one that will complement the bride’s outfit best and together be the stars of the event.

6) Go for innovative and matching stitches or motifs

A stylish way to wear coordinated outfits is to match the embroidery or motifs on the bride’s lehenga and the groom’s sherwani. Similar patterns, stitches, and motifs on the couple can look unique and so in sync. Even if the groom and the bride wear different coloured outfits, the matching embroideries on their dresses make the much-needed statement. So before you select the wedding lehenga designs, be sure to choose a pattern that will look equally well on the groom’s kurta.

7) Matching pieces in both of your outfits is a brilliant idea

For the couple who love to wear colour coordinated dresses on their engagement ceremony yet do not want to match every part of their outfit to each other, can choose to match certain pieces of the dress. For example, a golden dupatta for the bride can match the groom’s kurta or the groom’s blue safa can match the bride’s lehenga skirt.

You can also choose to match the accents like the lehenga border to the groom’s sherwani. Even celebrities like Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have adopted this subtle way of coordinating their outfits on the wedding ceremonies. This look will never overpower each other’s outfit. So, the shervani design of the groom can be traditional or bold depending on his choice and the bride can be free to try different ideas for her own dress as well.

8) Now it is time for the same colour, different hues game

An interesting way to create a beautiful combination of wedding attires will be to choose dresses in the same shade but in different hues. For example, a dark blue lehenga can be complemented by a light blue sherwani or a hot pink lehenga clad bride can be complemented by the soft pink sherwani of the groom. Also, the groom wearing a deep purple sherwani can look great when the bride chooses a lovely lilac bridal lehenga choli for the special day.

9) Why don’t you think of a particular theme

Many marrying couples love to choose a colour theme and work around the same to select their outfits. Selecting a colour theme can help you choose colours and tones to match your complexions and choices. For example, if you want to have a pink themed pair of outfits to match the similarly themed decor, the bride can go for a bright magenta lehenga and the groom can choose a peach sherwani to create a balanced contrast yet keeping in with the theme.

You can choose the perfect shade for your wedding lehenga online to match your choice of theme. A colour theme may not need the pair to dress in the exact same shade, but the tones and hues should look in sync.

10) Few more useful tips to pull off your combination wedding fashion

Here are some more tips to rock the coordinated outfits like pros!

  • If you are wearing matching outfits of similar hues, it is better to choose subtle shades like pastels or monochromes when matching a large portion of the dresses like the kurta and the lehenga skirt.
  • The easiest way to select a complementing colour for the groom’s sherwani is to try matching a differently hued dupatta to the bride’s lehenga. If the colour complements the bride’s dress, you can safely select the shade for the groom’s outfit.
  • Matching pieces of bridal jewellery to the groom’s dress or the safa can look really classy.
  • If you are trying to coordinate different elements of the outfits, choose bright and happy colours like maroon, gold, royal blue, magenta and red as they complement Indian complexions really well.
  • If you are open to experimenting, off-beat colours like ivory, grey and different shades of yellow can look gorgeous on an engagement ceremony. These colours will suit both the bride and the groom.
  • For the grooms who do not want to wear a sherwani can match their ties to the bride’s outfit.
  • If the groom wears a Nehru jacket for the ceremony, you can try different ideas to match the designs on the jacket to the bride’s outfit keeping the kurta-pajama simple, to make a more subtle statement.
  • Pink is considered to be a little more feminine than the other colours. However, there are different shades of pink that look gorgeous on both men and women. So choose carefully.

A marriage is a beautiful union of two hearts. While it is important to look your best, you should let your glowing faces and love for each other take the centre stage on your special day. So, happily match your steps into the new life in style and create amazing memories on the way!

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