Are you looking for information on bridal lehenga in Kolkata with price? There are a few reputed rental stores that offer a huge stock of wedding dresses on rent. Not just in this city, there are stores and their branches in many other cities of the country and this has happened with an increase in the demand for renting wedding attires. These days you can easily get a bridal lehenga on rent in Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. But the real trouble comes when it comes to choosing a lehenga. Many of the to-be-brides would agree that it is a really perplexing decision to select one from a stock of several hundred dresses. Here’s a guide…

Choose according to the body type:
Every woman has a different shape and a body type. However, based on the shape of the body, they can be broadly segregated into ‘pear-shaped’, ‘busty’, ‘plus size’, ‘lean’, and ‘petite’. Women belonging to each of the categories will have to take care of certain specific things while choosing wedding dresses.

For the pear or apple-shaped body:
For a woman of this body type, A-line fit looks the best. A-line dresses usually come with fitted bodices with a flared skirt. It looks like an “A” and thus, the name. If you are not too comfortable to wear tight fit apparels on your lower body, you can definitely go for an A-line dress. You can, however, choose a belt or a decorative element around the waist area. Do not choose a dress that is too decorative in the lower half or contains embellishments towards the area below the waist. This can make your thighs and hips wider than they actually are.

For busty women:
If you have a large bust area, choose a supportive dress. A dress with a boning or a corset will be perfect. This kind of a dress will give the much-needed support and also provide a proper shape to the body. A square-neck dress will look nice in this body shape. You may wear strapless if you are confident enough.

Plus size women:
A plus size woman can choose an empire dress for her wedding. It is almost similar to an A-line dress just that it cinches at the bust area and then flows down elegantly. If you are choosing a party wear lehenga on rent, you may avoid the ones that are too large or has excess fabric. Thus, you will be able to accentuate your figure without feeling uncomfortable.

For petite women:
If you are petite or have a small structure, look for a dress that creates a sense of verticality with its detailing. A dress with a plunging neckline or vertical embellishments can do wonders. Petite women can also wear empire fit.

Long and lean body type:
If you are a long and lean person you may want to create some curves around your waist. Choose a sheath or layered dress. You can also choose a dress that can add to the volume of the curves without concealing your actual shapes.

Just as a woman can choose a dress according to her body type, a guy can also consider his physique while choosing a sherwani on rent. He can choose the right fit, which would make him look smart on the day of the wedding.

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