“Rent an outfit instead of buying one”, “Renting brings along a long list of perks”, “Renting has made fashion meet the needs of every pocket”, “Renting is this”, “Renting is that”. You might have been hearing all these things about renting outfits for quite some time. So, what are these buzzes all about? Is ‘Renting’ the new ‘Buying’? Well, read on this blog to familiarize with the concept of renting and why should you consider this.

Is renting, the new buying?

Although the concept of taking a party wear lehenga on rent in Chandigarh or other parts of India isn’t that new, many still don’t consider it to be good option to choose from. However, many people, in spite of all the taboos associated, have been considering rental services since long. Even celebrities do rent high-quality dresses and accessories for stealing the show at the red carpet. If you have also been looking for ideas to save those big bucks you are likely to spend on your one-time wear wedding dress, renting is indeed a practical choice.

Marriages do cost a fortune

Being expensive is an integral aspect related to every wedding. You can make use of your DIY skills for decorations or choose a ceremony hall nearby your house, no matter how much you try the budget is more likely to exceed 5 figures and sometimes even more. Marriage, in fact, is one of the most expensive occasions in one’s life.

The overall cost of the event includes a number of things, the ‘Shaadi ka Joda, the wedding dress, other dresses, the venue, the food, the reception of guests, the favors and so on. Other expenses are alright, as you cannot avoid them. However, what about the ‘Shaadi ka Joda’?  Most of the brides and grooms, these days think that spending a lot of money just on the wedding dress is nothing but extravagant and redundant and a lehenga, suit or tuxedo rental can counterbalance the wedding expenses. It is actually a practical approach, indeed.

Choose the right platform

As far as renting is concerned, it is very important to choose the right rental platform. The reason – with the emergence of ‘fashion rental’ as a practical and cost-effective platform, the market is getting mushroomed with such service providers. And, to find a genuine platform like Flyrobe from a world of options, might get a bit difficult for you, especially, if you are new to this brigade. Therefore, you need to very careful.

Sherwani on rent in Chandigarh is not only for the grooms. Anyone, who is looking for a designer dress at pocket-friendly prices, can choose a customer-friendly fashion rental platform like Flyrobe and don in the best designer outfits, regardless of the occasion. With Flyrobe, you can get dresses according to different occasions like under wedding dresses, you can find the best and curated collection of groom Suits on rent in Chandigarh. Similarly, under the festivals, cocktail and reception sections, you can find different outfits tailored to the need of the occasions.

Sherwani on rent in Chandigarh from Flyrobe goes through stringent processes of cleaning and sterilizing before and after delivery. So, if your main concern is with the hygiene and cleanliness of the rented clothes, then you can take a sigh of relief when you are with Flyrobe.

So, if you like the concept of fashion rental, then do share this blog with people who you know would also love it, just the way you do!

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