Indian weddings are incomplete without elaborate dresses, jewellery, and ornaments.

Traditionally speaking, the bride wears a lehenga and the groom wears a sherwani on the day of the wedding. But, modern brides and grooms are seeking to uphold tradition by adding their own twist to it.

Modern bridal lehengas and sherwanis for groom are beautifully designed to suit the tastes of the modern woman and man.

These 12 latest trends in bridal lehengas and sherwanis have been keeping in mind the variegated tastes of the modern bride and bridegroom.

  1. Choose meld gowns over traditional lehenga choli:-
    Melded Gowns for Bride
    (Image Source – Wed Me Good)

    Meld gowns are the perfect option for reception parties. This bridal lehenga blends the contemporary and traditional styles to create the perfect outfit for the modern Indian bride. The colours may vary, although it is advisable to stick to deeper reds and maroons for an evening cocktail party, as this would uphold the mood of the reception. The groom can compliment his bride with an angrakha style sherwani in a matching or completely contrasting shade. For example, if the bride is wearing a shade of red, the groom can choose to wear red as well, or a contrasting shade of beige or golden. If the lehenga ka design is heavy, then it is advisable to keep the makeup and the accessories to a minimum.

  2. Add some spark and shine with your neon lehenga choli:-
    neon lehenga choli design
    (Image Source – Flyrobe)

    If your lehenga choli comes with a neutral bodice, you can ditch that to opt for a bold neon choli in a beautiful pastel shade. Pastel lehengas with neon cholis look beautiful and bright. They work especially well if you are having an outdoor wedding in the morning. You can actually replace the tradition bridal lehenga in red and golden colour to choose something of a completely new shade, like a fluorescent vermilion shade with a peach lightly embroidered lehenga. The groom can tailor his wedding sherwani in the same pastel shade as the bride’s lehenga if he is not comfortable with wearing bright neon shades. You can add bold makeup with bright colours to complete the beautiful look.

  3. Layer your bridal lehenga with some shimmery jackets:-
    (Image Source – Pinterest )

    Jackets are not really thought of as a part of the wedding attire ensemble, and to tell the truth, they are not. But, many modern brides are replacing the heavily embroidered dupatta of the wedding lehenga for a self-colored velvet jacket. Jackets are convenient, as they stay in place, as well as trendy because they add a layer to the whole attire. You can pair a fully golden wedding lehenga with a red velvet jacket with golden embroidery. Jackets have also been added to the latest sherwani designs for marriage. The groom can also lose the dupatta of the sherwani for a waistcoat style jacket with embroidery. The colour can be matched to that of the wedding lehenga, or appear in contrast to it.

  4. Wear a long-sleeved blouse with your wedding lehenga:-
    long-sleeved lehenga blouse
    (Image Source – Flyrobe)

    Mostly, a party wear lehenga comes with a bodice that has short sleeves. But, the latest trends suggest that long-sleeved blouses are the rage of the market. You can replace the choli of the bridal lehenga with a full-sleeved embroidered blouse. This would also be effective if you are wearing a sari on your wedding day. The sleeves can be of net or lace material, or opaque if you so wish. Since most sherwanis for men are full sleeved, the groom does not seem to have much of a choice in the matter. However, he can add a piece of the bride’s lace design on his sleeves or front pocket to match with her.

  5. Opt for digital prints on bridal lehenga instead of embroidery:-
    digital prints on bridal lehenga
    (Image Source – Flyrobe)

    Again, digital prints are not something you would normally associate with a bridal lehenga, but they look absolutely gorgeous when used on the correct outfit. You can stun your wedding guests by turning up in a lehenga choli with digitally printed designs all over. They create the perfect combination of classy and cool. The digital print can also act as a new sherwani design. The wedding sherwani in digital print is not something that your guests would see every day. Coordinate the patterns on your outfits to look like the coolest match made in heaven on your special day.

  6. Drop the typical lehenga online for a beautiful straight suit:-
    beautiful straight suit
    (Image Source – Flyrobe)

    Most brides prefer wearing the wedding lehenga on their special day, but if you are someone who prefers to stand apart from the crowd, then you should go for a straight suit instead of a lehenga. Straight suits help magnify your figure while looking crisp and smart at the same time. You can choose the suit in a traditional shade of red, or go for brighter hues like pink and magenta. Pair the attire with dewy makeup and simple jewellery to create a minimalistic yet stylish wedding look for this auspicious day.

Now for some grand ideas to style the sherwani for the groom

It is said that mens Indian wedding wear does not have much scope, but why should only women get to look good on their special day? Grooms, we have got you covered as well. These stylish trends of sherwani for grooms will help them look as appealing as their brides on their special day.

  1. Wear a layered kurta with contrasting colours to look like a coordinated king:-
    layered kurta for mens
    (Image Source – Pinterest)

    Instead of wearing a monochromatic sherwani, why not opt for something that has a brightly coloured layer to break the monotony? Layers add depth to the outfit, and having a contrasting layer in the wedding sherwani will help the groom stand out in a crowd. Popular colour combinations are red and black, red and beige, pink and blue, green and aquamarine blue and so on. If you choose to use online shopping to get your wedding sherwani online, you will find many clothing websites which keep sherwanis of this kind.

  2. Add color and pattern to your safa to create a quirky and fun look:-
    funnu safa combination with sherwani
    (Image Source – Wedamor )

    Safas are an integral part of Indian grooms wear, but most often they are only worn in shades of red and pink. You can create a difference by letting go of the sherwani and instead, adding both new colours and geometric patterns to your safa to create an absolutely unique and gorgeous look.

  3. Use the power of front-open sherwani jackets to amp up your cool quotient:-
    (Image Source – Wed me Good)

    While browsing during online shopping, you will see sherwanis that are coming with front open long jackets. These look extremely stylish and classy at the same time. If your bride wears a jacket style of this sort as well, you will literally be twinning on the wedding day – something that all beautiful couples want to achieve on their special day.

  4. Online shopping for suits in fun, unconventional colours:-
    (Image Source – Flyrobe)

    If you aren’t one to wear a sherwani on your wedding day, you can opt to wear a suit. Drop the traditional black and white tux for a suit in some fun and quirky colour, like green, yellow ochre, turquoise. You can even wear red to match the bride’s wedding shades. Suits in unintentional colours that have crazy patterns and designs on them will also help you look absolutely stunning and extraordinary.

  5. Turn heads this wedding season with your ombre sherwani for groom:-
    ombre sherwani for groom
    (Image Source – Flyrobe)

    The ombre pattern is most prevalent in bridal lehengas, but they have slowly and steadily made their way into sherwani for grooms as well. The ombre pattern itself looks extremely elegant, and when it is done in pastel shades, it looks absolutely amazing. You can choose ombre wedding sherwani with shade patterns such as beige and brown, grey and black, light and dark blue and the like. You can also add fun jewellery , such as a beautifully designed brooch to the outfit if it’s not colourful enough for you.

  6. Add some flowers to your ensemble to amp up the grace and elegance of your sherwani online:-
    Floral designs on sherwani
    (Image Source – Wed me Good)

    Nowadays, more and more men are accepting floral designs, and how! Floral designs on sherwani for men look absolutely breathtaking! They are a much welcome break from the routine and can look totally ravishing too. The floral design on the sherwani can be of the same shade, or you can choose to use multiple shades to make the embroidery stand out even more.

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