“You are just a click away from your dream closet, where the Closet Genie will fulfill all your wardrobe wishes without making you rip off your fragile bank account!”

What if someday someone breaks this news to you? Probably, you won’t believe it in the first place, right? What if someone assures and convinces about the existence of this ‘Closet Genie’? Then, you’ll probably be the happiest person on the Earth. After all, you have been dreaming of something like this since your fashion sense saw the light of the fashion world. Right?

You can actually live your fancies now

Alas, you just started getting the glimpses of the Closet Genie approaching you and suddenly, somebody pinched you back to reality. But, relax; you can still live your dreams. And ‘Yes’, you are actually a click away from your dream closet; the access to it comes in the form of fashion rental platforms like Flyrobe. Whether it’s Suits on rent or a stunning party wear or bridal lehenga, your new wardrobe will have everything for you.

wedding costume on rent

Bridging the gap between the common and the extravagant

The concept of fashion rental totally revolves around making fashion affordable as well as accessible to the common man and of course, woman. This platform provides you with an access to tour, choose and rent from a vast collection of designer outfits, including the works of Manish Malhotra, Sabhyasachi Mukherjee, Anita Dongre, Ritu Kumar and other noted who’s who of the fashion realm. Needless to mention, but the creations of these fashion gurus are too majestic and expensive to be a part of common folk’s cupboard. This is where a fashion rental service provider like Flyrobe comes in quite handy.

Options! Options!! Options!!!

You liked a lehenga, you booked the lehenga on rent in Pune, you wore it and then returned it. What can be simpler than this? The best part – you won’t have to worry about the getting the parcel delivered and returning it to the vendor, as with reliable service providers both these services come free of cost.

bridal lehenga

Apart from pickup and delivery services, you can also avail custom fitting services with a good vendor. This will ensure that the dress you received fits you well. Suppose you booked a Sherwani on rent pune. While placing the order, you will find a field that will ask you for the date and time for getting the custom fitting done. On your selected date and time, a fit expert will visit your home and do the needful.

Plus, the price, if this is what’s bothering you, then shoo away all you tensions because with service providers who care for their customers, the rental outfits like Suits on rent Pune Maharashtra, are pretty much affordable and around 15 to 20 percent of the actual retail value of the garments in the market. So, you won’t find renting to be a big and expensive deal to resort on!

If your main concern is the stance of the society, then you can also say goodbye to that worry because, these days, rental services have become quite mainstream owing to the benefit they offer. So, just relax and look you best with Flyrobe’s festive and wedding collection. Also, let others also know about this amazing platform by sharing this blog!

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