Dressing up in the best attire on special occasions is not only the legacy of women; men too deserve to look their best. And, if it’s a wedding, then a designer sherwani or tuxedo, depending upon the need of the evening, is like a must-have. After all, a wedding is that gathering where you might find your soulmate too. But, you need to dress for that. Jokes apart, whether it’s your own wedding or someone else’s where you are cordially invited, you would definitely want to dress in your best outfit. So, are you done deciding the same? Are still looking for a sherwani, suit or blazer that’s both attractive as well as affordable? You have a win-win option in front of you that will meet both your needs. What’s that? It’s taking a designer outfit like a Sherwani on rent in Bangalore or the city you live in.

Renting! It is worth trying? Well, if you haven’t heard this before, you might be in dilemma, which is quite obvious. Read on to understand the concept of renting and how the entire system works.

Renting apparel … Understanding the concept

Taking suits on rent in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai or any other states in India is as simple as renting any other item. You need to visit a brick-and-mortar or online shop of a rental service provider, explore their products, choose one or multiple items and book it. That’s it. With a reputable and trustworthy service provider, you can choose from a wide range of apparels and accessories. Let’s take a quick look at some of the standard steps you need to follow when renting apparel –

  • At a well-stocked rental shop, whether online or brick-and-mortar, you are most likely to choose thousands of designs and styles. Just choose the one or as many as outfits you like and place your order.


  • Thereafter, select a delivery date and the duration you want to keep the outfits (it usually ranges from 4 days to 8 days).


  • Once the above mentioned step is complete, it’s the time for sizing. As all the dresses available with a rental service provider are not always likely to be a perfect fit you, you need to give your measurements. Don’t worry, when you select a reliable and customer-friendly service provider, you also choose peace of mind. With a good rental platform, you don’t have to worry about measurements. They send their fit expert to your home to take your measurements to ensure the dress you rented fits you well. For example – you booked a blazer on rent in Navi Mumbai, the fit expert will go to your place and get the things done properly. And yes, this service is complimentary.


  • With a customer-centric fashion rental platform, whether you want a wedding dress on rent in Ahmedabad or Kolkata, Mumbai or Delhi, you save the hassle of picking up the parcel and returning it to the service provider because they value your time and offer both delivery and pickup services that too free of cost.

Rent, but don’t compromise

When it comes to a traditional Indian bride, she cannot do with a beautiful designer lehenga. There are girls who look for bridal lehengas in Chandni Chowk on rent to save some more bucks. However, not every rental service provider can live up to its claim of being the best. Therefore, what you need is to do is research your options well and then pick the one for your special day. In regard to the world of fashion rental, Flyrobe, a leading fashion rental service provider is somewhat synonymous to quality and originality. So, you can rely on their products and services with any kind of hesitation. Share this blog and let other people explore the amazing world of fashion rental.

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