These days there are quite a few stores that are offering bridal lehengas in Chandni Chowk on rent. The stores boast of an upsurge in the number of customers in the last few years and the professionals working there says that more and more young people are choosing to rent lehengas rather than purchasing original designer ones. This not only will help you save a lot of money but will also offer an opportunity to the brides and grooms to wear designer attire for their weddings. But when it comes to renting a lehenga for wedding, there might be certain questions that come to the mind.

How long is the rental period?

A reputed rental store will let you rent attire for a period of 4, 6, or 8 days. So, you can rent a dress on the exact date or a day prior to the event in which you are planning to wear it. Once the event, as well as the rental period, is over, the store will send professionals to pick-up the dress.

Will a rented dress fit me well?

When you rent blazer online or a sherwani, you always have the question whether or not it will fit you well. The rental store might not have measurements of the dresses enlisted on the website. This is mainly because once you rent a dress the store will send experts to take measurements . The store will custom-fit the dress as per your measurements, before delivering it to you. After the event is over, the store will send experts to pick the dress from your place. You do not have to take too many hassles to get the dress or return it.

What will be the quality of the dresses on rent?

Whether you are choosing a lehenga or a sherwani on rent in Chandni Chowk, you can expect the dresses to be of high quality. The store takes a good care and maintains the dresses. Thus, when rented from a reputed store, you can ensure that the dresses will be as good as new! It would also look as if tailor-made for you. So, do not hesitate and get ready to dazzle everyone’s eyes at the wedding.

Do I need to take the dress to the laundry before returning?

No, you do not have to worry about the cleaning or maintenance of the dress. This is the convenience of renting a dress as compared to buying one. You will just wear the dress as many times as you want within the rental period, and return the dress to the pick-up man. The store will arrange for the laundry and the maintenance of the dresses you rented.

When will the dresses be delivered?

When renting a dress, you need to provide the event date. Thus, the dress will be custom-fitted and delivered to you a day prior to the event. Thus, you will get it well before time, but will not have to arrange for long-term preservation of the dress in your closet. You will get the dress on time and it will be the responsibility of the rental store to pick it up once the event is over and the rental period is over as well.

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