You may choose to invite a few dozen more or spend another 5 thousand rupees in the decoration of the venue, but when it comes to buying a wedding dress, you stop being choosy or impulsive and look into your pockets. Why? Because… the designer bridal lehengas are expensive, and may not be within your budget. But you have always wanted to wear a fashionable designer lehenga for your wedding. You must have also bought fashion magazines, checked all the designs over and over again, and marked the ones you liked. Don’t let the budget stop you from wearing the bridal outfit of your dreams! Here’s what you can do…

Get a lehenga on rent! Yes, you can definitely opt for designer lehengas on your wedding without burning a hole in your pocket. In fact, with the option of taking bridal lehenga on rent online, you can opt for different attires for different occasions. Indian weddings are almost a week-long affair and there are various rituals including “haldi”, “mehandi”, “sagai” etc. The money you would have otherwise spent on purchasing one lehenga for the wedding, you could rent different lehengas for different occasions! This is a great opportunity that a modern-day bride should not miss.

Where can you rent a dress?
There are a few stores that offer wedding suits for rent in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, or Kolkata. Whichever city you are in, you can always look for a nearby rental store of repute and choose the dresses for yourself. If you do not have much time to visit a store, you can also choose the lehenga online. Not just for the bride, there are also sherwanis at these stores that can be taken on rent. So, you can also convince your fiancée to rent a sherwani for a few days instead of purchasing. Both would look glamorous on wearing designer wedding attires.

What is the process of renting a dress?
You can either visit a store or choose the ones you like from their online portal. Once you choose what you need, mark the dates and the duration for which you will need. You need to schedule a date for the custom fit of the lehenga or sherwani you purchase. The dress will be delivered to you on time and will also be picked up for free once the duration for which you rented is over.

How to start?
Start by speaking about it with your family. Talk to your parents about your decision to rent a wedding dress. Give them the reason for not spending so much on something you’d hardy wear. You can also tell them how much they can save if you rent your attire for the wedding.. Both of you will look gorgeous in a designer collection on rent. Your wedding photographs will be cherished forever.

Next, you can find out a rental store near you. Ask your spouse too to check for a sherwani on rent in Delhi with price. With the trend of renting wedding dresses getting popular a few reputed stores are doing great business and getting a long list of clientele. You can choose such a store. Visit the store to check the quality of the dresses and the collection. At a reputed store, you can find a few hundred dresses to choose from. Take your pick the one you like the most!

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