12 Mostly Searched Bridal and Groom Outfits to style in Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are incomplete without elaborate dresses, jewellery, and ornaments. Traditionally speaking, the bride wears a lehenga and the groom wears a sherwani on the day of the wedding. But, modern brides and grooms are seeking to uphold tradition by adding their own twist to it. Modern bridal lehengas and sherwanis for groom are beautifully…

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10 Colourful Styles of Wedding and Bridal Lehengas, Groom and Wedding Sherwani

Wouldn’t you agree that weddings are incomplete without a beautiful wedding lehenga for bride and a well-tailored sherwani for groom? While there are a lot of traditional aspects attached to wedding dresses, there is no harm in styling them differently to grab eyeballs. The best and simplest way to look like a match made in…

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13 Designer Celebrity Wedding Lehenga to Follow This Year

Bollywood celebrities are well-known for spending lavishly on their look. When it comes to wedding lehenga, there is no way; you can expect to see your favorite celebrities donned in anything less for an extremely opulent designer wear. The celebrity wedding dresses have been setting trends since long and have also been raising the bar…

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