Who can forget Anushka Sharma’s mesmerising look when she walked down the aisle with “Din shagna da” playing in the background. Her stunning pastel pink floral lehenga became an overnight sensation and a dream for many girls. The new age bride has all eyes for designer lehengas, after all,  a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime affair, and she intends to look like as regal as possible. In fact, who doesn’t? One stinging fact, about wedding these days, is that, they have become a grand affair. With aspects such as an expensive venue, lavish buffet and several functions becoming a norm. The new age bride and groom are looking for pocket-friendly wedding solutions so they they do not end up spending a fortune. In this scenario, fashion rentals have emerged as a great respite! Renting your wedding outfit helps you to wear the most glamorous wedding attire at a reasonable price. In fact, Delhi is one of the leading cities that are opting for renting wedding outfits. You can easily get lehengas on rent in Delhi from Flyrobe. We are the leading online portal when it comes to fashion rentals. Renting a lehenga is absolutely easy. For instance, you can search for bridal lehengas on rent in Chandni Chowk and you can easily get a plethora of options to choose from.

Get dreamy rental gowns in Mumbai

Gowns look both stylish and classy at the same time. They are very much in vogue and the most sought after clothing options when it comes to formal events. At our website, you can get custom fitted gowns that go in sync with your exact measurements so that they look made especially for you. You can go for renting gowns in Mumbai as we offer exclusive services in the metropolis and other major Indian cities too. Gowns being the modern choice for reception and cocktail parties, are in huge demand, and with a range of designer gowns available, there is a great surge in their prices off late. So, with this, rental gowns are an intelligent choice to make. Even Catholic wedding gowns in Mumbai and other cities are available and you can take a pick from a long line of beautifully crafted designer wedding gowns from our portal.

Rental mens wear is the new rage

Men are not left behind when it comes to high-end fashion choices. Men of the present era know their fashion well and are at par with women in making classy yet stylish costume choices. Flyrobe has come up with the latest fashion trends for men and now you can avail a whole lot of chic menswear on rent at surprisingly inexpensive rates. If you are a lover of trendy blazers then we have an endless range of chic choices for you. We offer an elite range of blazers for rent in Hyderabad along with other cities. Our fashionable range of blazers is surely going to leave you bewildered and making a choice is surely going to be difficult. If you are a lover for ethnic wear and prefer wearing traditional outfits for wedding functions then a sherwani is just the right thing for you. From simple to intricate designs, we have the best designer sherwanis for you to take a pick. Sherwani on rent in Chandigarh and other cities is available and our portal is going to be your ultimate respite in this regard.

Flyrobe is the leading fashion rental portal that has a broad customer base that look up to it for their fashion needs. If you are someone who has a taste for fine fashion and a practical mind for not spending useless bucks then we are just the right choice for you.

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