You must have always imagined yourself wearing a beautiful, embellished or embroidered lehenga for your wedding. But when it finally comes to choosing one for your wedding, it’s a hard time! Are you seriously stressing over what to choose and what should be your budget for the lehenga that you are planning to wear to your wedding? Don’t worry. Here is a short guide to help you with everything from taking wedding clothes on rent in Ahmedabad to choosing the right fit and style for you.  Read on…

Be an early bird: If you are planning to schedule a visit to the rental store near you, plan that well in advance. Chances are that the date your parents have chosen for the wedding is the exact date when a thousand others are getting married. So, be one of the early birds to the store so that you can check out a lot of options before choosing one. If you are late, many would be taken and as you know, signature lehengas and gowns have no second copy! If possible, go at the time of the opening of the store or towards the evening. It will be less crowded.

Do not follow trends blindly: The experts at the store will always try to show something that is trendy and popular. However, if you have always like the gota patti work lehengas in Jaipur and you feel that those can make you feel confident and beautiful on your wedding day, choose those. Do not get caught up in the trend because everything does not suit all. You need to understand your body type as well as your structure. Choose dresses that compliment your body and make you feel confident and elegant.

Check everything about the design of the dress: You may be tempted to choose a lehenga set because the dupatta or the blouse has nice zari works on it. But, what about the skirt? You should never choose a dress just by looking at any specific part of it. The hem may be beautiful, but does the color of the dress suits you? Is the blouse gorgeous enough to match with the jewelry that you will be wearing? These are the considerations that you must make. Intelligently chosen bridal lehengas in Chandni Chowk on rent can help you to look awesome on the day of your wedding.

Choose lehengas that have both modern and traditional elements: It is very important for the wedding dresses to be timeless. The dresses should have both modern and traditional elements in them. A groom-to-be should keep this in mind when taking a sherwani on rent. Choosing the right dress can help you feel a better version of yourself and you will look great wearing it. A traditional wedding dress with a subtle touch of modernity will never go out of style and is timeless. You will have wedding pictures that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Take pictures and check: If the rental store allows it, try different wedding dresses and ask a friend to take your pictures. Most rental stores have changing rooms with mirrors. However, taking pictures will help you know how it is going to look in photographs. It is very important to ask for the permission of the store managers before taking pictures.

Following these tips will help you in choosing the right dress for your wedding. Are you ready?

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