Your wedding day must be round the corner, which brings you here to know what to choose for the big day. So, you have decided to take a bridal lehenga on rent. But what about the size and the style you should choose? You must consider your height, size, and the color of your skin to be able to choose perfect wedding attire. Moreover, you may choose traditional gota patti work lehengas in Jaipur or modern floral printed lehengas in Mumbai for your wedding. Renting leaves you options to choose more than one for the price of one designer lehenga. Here is a guide that will help you choose a lehenga or a sherwani on rent in Ahmedabad:

Choose according to your body type

Do not follow trends blindly while choosing wedding attire. What is in vogue might not be your style. Thus, choose what suits you the best. At any premium rental store, you will find experts who will suggest you on the type of wedding dresses you should choose according to your body type. For the brides with an hourglass figure, you can choose bright colors. However, if you are skinny, you should choose a lehenga or a sherwani that should accentuate your figure and add some volume to it. The dress should not stick o your body as it will make you look thinner. Materials like cotton, silks, and heavier weaves are good for skinny people.

Choose according to your skin color

India is a country where people of diverse skin color exist. While there are a plethora of choices for a fair bride or a groom, the dusky ones should be careful about choosing colors. If colors are chosen carefully, it can make any bride look smart and beautiful. Shades of pink, peach, blue, golden, and olive are some of the colors that dusky people can flaunt without hesitation. If you are choosing men’s suits on rent in Delhi, make sure there are no silver zariwork on them. You can instead go for dull gold zari work on the suits.

Choosing dresses according to height

If you have a petite frame with a short height, be careful while renting a tuxedo (for the groom) or a lehenga (for the bride). You won’t be able to add a few extra inches to your height all of a sudden and you may have to complete all wedding rituals barefoot. So, you can choose high waist lehengas as they will make your legs look tall. Moreover, you can choose vertical patterns and designs on the dresses you are choosing. Elongated prints and patterns create an illusion of height and make you look taller on the wedding day. Whether choosing suits for the groom or lehengas for the bride, stick to single tones and make sure there are designs on the waist of the lehengas.

Choose jewelry as per your lehenga

If you are taking a bridal lehenga on rent in Mumbai, you should be able to get several for the price of a designer one. However, there is always a certain fixed budget for jewelry. Do not choose a lehenga as per your jewelry; instead, you should do the opposite.

Above all, make sure you choose whatever you are confident in. That matters the most when choosing your wedding attire. If you are comfortable in a flowy, abstract design on the lehenga choose it, or you may even choose a feminine and delicate one too. A premium rental store for wedding dresses like Flyrobe has hundreds of collections of lehengas to choose from. Make sure you share this post too so that all those who are looking for a perfect designer lehenga know where to find one.

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