Have you decided to rent a bridal lehenga for your wedding? There are a few stores that offer bridal lehenga in Kolkata on rent. There are many women who are renting party wear dresses because it is economical as well as they do not have to repeat any of the dresses for the second time. On top of everything, they get a chance to wear designer dresses and lehengas that make heads turn. However, women often make certain mistakes when it comes to choosing a partywear lehenga on rent. And, it’s not in choosing the right store, but much more crucial than that.

Here is a List of 5 Common Mistakes…

  • Going for shopping late: You surely want the best piece of lehenga at the store. And, there is no second piece of a signature collection. So, visit a store a lot early before the wedding season sets in. Most of the weddings happen during certain periods of the year. So, if you are waiting until the last minute to choose your bridal attire, chances are the best ones are already gone! Moreover, do not be late in reaching the store. Most women go shopping during the evening. But if you go at the time when the store opens or during the afternoon, it will be less crowded and you will get the full attention of the stylists and consultants there.
  • Trying to be trendy: You love to flaunt a classic and subdued look. But all of a sudden you try to be trendy and whacky! This is a mistake that many women make. Especially when choosing a sherwani on rent in Mumbai or suchlike metropolitan city for the groom, women tend to make a wrong choice. When choosing dresses for yourself or for the groom try to choose the ones that are fashionable, and yet, traditional. The idea should be to look elegant and glamorous and not weird. Take the help of the style consultants at the rental store to choose something that is timeless and beautiful.
  • Trying too many at too many!: When it comes to choosing a wedding dress for renting, women try to check too many rental stores and try too many dresses. This is a grave mistake as you will only end up being confused. Too many choices and too many places to check can be stressful. So, choose one or two store to visit and pick a list of a few lehengas and gowns that you’d like to try. From the list, pick the three best ones and then zero down to the one you liked the most.
  • Bringing too many relatives: Well, it could be the most important dress for the event. But bringing too many relatives and asking for each one’s suggestion on the dress you should choose can be confusing. People, especially women have different views on fashion and tend to have different choices when it comes to a wedding dress. So, it is always better to take a few people like your best friend or your mom for shopping.
  • Freak out about the sizes: Yes, in a rental store whether it is a sherwani or a lehenga you are choosing, may not be the right fit. This should not be a matter to worry about. A reputed store will always send experts to take your measurements to customize the size of the chosen dress.

    So, whether you are going for a lehenga or a sherwani on rent in Gurgaon, you must make it a point to avoid these mistakes consciously.

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