If you are ready to take vows this year, you must start calculating the expenses. Weddings are not cheap, especially in India! Even if you are the groom, there is no dearth of expenses that you need to make for your wedding. And, a hefty amount of money is spent on buying wedding dresses. You must have heard that the would-be-bride is choosing a designer lehenga for the wedding. You surely want to match your look with hers. But designer suits and sherwanis are expensive. Looking for a solution? Take a designer sherwani on rent! It’s the best way you can control the expenses and also make sure that you have a gala wedding! Still wondering whether to take a suit on rent or not? Here’s a list of 5 best things about renting:

Low cost

Take suits for rent in Bangalore, Jaipur, Kolkata, or Mumbai. The main motive is surely lowering the overall cost of the wedding without letting anyone know. The guests will get mesmerized by your wedding suit. But you know you have spared yourself from spending a fortune in buying that. The money you thus save can be used for improving other aspects of the event.

Added extras at the same price

When you are hiring the dress, what would you do with the accessories that match with it? The accessories take a few thousand more! So, renting a dress from a store that offers free accessories is beneficial. For instance, if you are taking a bridal lehenga for rent in Chennai for your bride for the reception, check whether the dupatta comes free. Thus, you will be spared from spending money on something that you will never use again.

No need for cleaning

After the wedding is over, you simply return the lehenga to the store. A free pick up is arranged by the store itself. Thus, you do not have to worry about sending the dress to the dry cleaning store. You can simply wear it and keep it for a pick-up. Doing this is hassle-free and convenient too; especially when you have so many things to manage.

No storage issue

If you do a Jaipur lehenga online shopping, you will have to keep room in your wardrobe to keep it until the day you’d wear it. Moreover, after the wedding is over, you need to store it again, probably for a long period of time. Thus, the expensive lehenga or suit you purchase will stay in your wardrobe for years without having any actual use. Thus, renting is a better option when you do not have to face such issues.

Flaunt more than one designer wear

If you are planning to wear a sherwani on your wedding and a suit on your reception, let those be signature collections of famous designers. Yes, by renting wedding suits you should be able to wear designer collections without burning a hole in your pocket. And, the best part is, you can choose to rent several suits for the price of one. Wear a different suit on each day of the wedding and pose!

If you have decided to rent, you can choose Flyrobe. The premium rental store is based in multiple cities including Kolkata, Jaipur, Delhi NCR, and Mumbai. Tell others about it too by sharing this post with them.

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