Weddings are expensive affairs and there are many areas where you will find yourself spending a lot of money – renting a venue, arranging food for the guests, and buying apparels. Are you making a budget? Then you must be looking for areas where you can cut down the cost to be able to use in improving other areas. What if it is the wedding attire? You must have thought that it is a very important part of the wedding and reducing the budget for it would compromise with the look of it. But you are wrong! Just like the tent, the venue, and the decorations, you can take a designer bridal lehenga on rent. Such a store also provides a tuxedo rental for the groom. But is it worth it?

Many brides and grooms are choosing to rent their wedding dresses instead of buying. Doing this could have been the last thing in your mind. But, there are many brides who are flaunting the rented, original designer lehengas with élan on their wedding. And, the best part is, they are not spending as much as they seem to be! Want more reasons for choosing to take a lehenga or sherwani on rent in Mumbai? Here are 3 top reasons that brides gave:

A few thousand in a few hours!

Yes, if you are choosing to buy a designer lehenga on your wedding, you are actually spending a few thousand and even sometimes a few lakhs just for a few hours. You will probably not wear it another time in your life. All you need it for is to be the showstopper of the event and look good in photographs. So, why spend so much? Instead, take wedding attire on rent and save a huge lot of money.

After-wedding care

Many girls avoid buying designer lehengas for the sheer reason that those expensive lehengas need a thorough after-wedding care. You need to take the lehenga or the sherwani of the groom to the dry cleaners where you will spend another few thousand for the services. Then, you need to ensure storage of the expensive wedding attire in a moisture-proof place properly. That is not all, these expensive lehengas need to be cleaned regularly to remain well-maintained and in proper condition. If you have a plan for long-time preservation of the wedding dresses, you need to make a space in your wardrobe even before buying the dress.

Size and fit are perfect

If you are taking suits on rent in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, or any other city, the dresses will be custom-fitted just a few days prior to the wedding. Generally, when you buy a wedding dress you go shopping at least a few months prior to the wedding day. In the meantime, you may lose or gain a few extra kilos, which mean the dress might not fit you perfectly on the wedding day! This is not the case with rental dresses. The store will send experts a few days before the wedding to take your measurements. The dress will be fitted accordingly and delivered to you in time. You may have to be in the dress for hours on the wedding day. If the dress is ill-fitting, it will cause a lot of inconveniences, which definitely you would avoid at all cost.

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